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Фляги, термосы, бутылки


A must-have attribute of a tourist is a thermos. But today, even more often small thermos can be in a bag of a city businessman. Baby thermoses help to quench your children's thirst at school. Do you want to walk along the waterfront with your soul mate? You can arrange a romantic atmosphere, just taking a thermos with hot tea.

What determines the price of the thermos

How to choose the thermos that shall serve you for a long time? Before you buy a thermos in Kiev, you should consider the following main characteristics:

1. Material. The inner flask in thermos can be made of stainless steel, glass, copper or acrylic. The outer shell can be iron or plastic. Some manufacturers offer an internal antibacterial coating.

2. Volume. Thermoses may vary from 1 liter to 3.5 liters. Therefore, when buying a thermos is worth considering in what conditions you will use it.

3. Tightness. From this point it depends whether the thermos will leak during transportation or not, how long the thermos will keep the temperature of hot and cold drinks.

4. Design. Due to the huge assortment, it is not so simple to buy a thermos. In addition to color, the thermos can have different shapes, be with insets, inscriptions, drawings. Therefore, if a thermos is needed simply to relax in the forest, this can be a simple design. And if the thermos is your daily attribute, then you can choose what suits you and what you like.

5. Manufacturer. This significantly affects the cost of the thermos.

6. Additional characteristics include the presence of a cover, a lace, cups, a valve (to pour drinks without opening the lid).

Types of thermoses

There are several types of thermoses:

  • Classic thermoses. The most popular kind, is a bottle for drinks with a lid.
  • Jug-thermos. They differ from the classical ones by the presence of a spout.
  • Food thermos. Wide and low thermos, it is convenient to carry food.
  • Thermoses for children. Distinctive parameters of the thermos - small volume and pattern

Buy thermos

The aviation online store Crew Shop will help you choose a thermos for your needs. Haven’t found the right product? Contact the manager of our store and we will offer the appropriate product or help you find something for you. The store operates throughout Ukraine. The sale of the thermos ensures the preservation of the warm moments of your life. Affordable prices for thermoses and excellent quality are guaranteed. Have a good shopping!

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Features of bottle MGF Bottle.The bottle with a double wall is made out of stainless steel. Therefore even in conditions of summer heat or winter frosts it preserves the necessary temperature of hot and cold drinks. Ergonomic design and wide neck allow one to add ice cubes or pieces of fruit to..
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