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About Us

Aviation equipment center CrewShop is created for aviators and all those who are in love with the sky.

We have everything, from equipnet and consumables for flyoght to stylish and comfortable aviation uniforms and eviational souvenirs. 

We Offer:

  • Supply of aviation equipment, consumables and components of aviation equipment.
  • Consulting services in the field of aviation education, production and general aviation development in the regional and global market.
  • Organization and association of initiative specialists and aviation enthusiasts.
  • Support and promotion of promising projects, author publications and undertakings that can preserve the experience of past generations of aviators.

We supply high quality aviational equipment, hardware and softvare selected based on exploitation experience all over the world. We are an official distributor of the world famous brands such as David Clark, Aircraftspruce, A Cut Above Uniform, US Wings, Design4Pilot, SPORTY’s, EAM, Pilot communications, Garmin Aviation, MyGoFlight, Propper International, FlyBoys, AirTeam, BOEING, mSquare.

Our Mission

Aviation is the forefront of the outer space. By actively developing it, we move humanity forward into the future.

our goal is to make aviation affordable and comfortable for all Ukrainians and others, to develop and spred avational culture around the country and far beyond.

CrewShop team includes initiative professional pilots and representatives of other aviational professions pocessing skills of verious light and heavy aviational technics exploitations. Many of them went long way from Soviet DOSAAF to the most progressive aviational organizations and structures. We love sharing our experience and help promoting aviation in our region and the whole world.

Are you an aviator? Or dream to become one? Welcome to CrewShop!

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