Emergency Radio Beacons, PLB
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Emergency Radio Beacons, PLB

Emergency location transmitter

Emergency location transmitters are used in aviation and navigation, installed in cars, and even in mobile phones. Their only task is to transmit a signal about the current location if the vehicle, its crew and passengers require outside help. For example, in case of accidents or when assistance is needed.

Of course, the emergency location transmitter brings maximum benefit to airplanes. After all, it is this type of technology that is most difficult to find after accidents. In addition, the fast respond from help often saves lives of people in the cabin. So, despite the high cost, the acquisition of the emergency location transmitter completely worth itself. After all, this may be the only chance to find equipment after the accident.

Emergency location transmitter: features

To successfully perform the task of data transmission, the emergency location transmitter is designed:

  • with extremely strong materials capable of withstanding overloads when falling from a height and with a large margin of safety to work in all situations;
  • taking into account automatic inclusion in case of emergencies, because people can simply forget to activate it or not have such an opportunity;
  • with a long battery life, allowing you to signal for a few days or even weeks, depending on the model.
  • with a transmitter using several data transmission methods, for example short and long waves, or geodata transfer over a satellite network.

The emergency location transmitter is not just a useful device. It must be present in every plane or helicopter. Crashes are not frequent, but in extreme cases, the decision to buy a emergency location transmitter will save the lives of pilots and passengers, and will quickly find equipment.

Emergency location transmitter in Crew Shop: simple, profitable, reliable

The aviation online store Crew Shop sells emergency location transmitter from manufacturers. Thanks to official supply contracts, the following are provided:

  • adequate prices available to most budgets;
  • high quality of products;
  • warranty service and replacement;
  • Fast delivery allover Ukraine.

Crew Shop offers to buy emergency location transmitter of famous brands, you can do it in Kiev directly, or order from anywhere in the country online. Contact the manager, make out an order and provide an opportunity to find a plane or a helicopter in any contingency.

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