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Thermal mugs

The rabid rhythm of the modern city requires us to carry out daily business on the run more and more often. This applies to our meals. Many do not have enough time in the morning, but no one wants to give up a cup of coffee or tea either. What if there is no time, but you want to cheer up for a productive day? A thermal mug is a practical attribute of an active person.

Thermal mug characteristics

When there is a question, what thermal mug to buy, it is worth paying attention to the following characteristics:

1. Material. The material of the inner bulb and the outer shell may be the same or different. More often in the manufacture of thermal mug, stainless steel, plastic or ceramics are used. Each material has its pros and cons, so when choosing a thing, you need to understand where and who will use it.

2. Volume. Sometimes the volume of the thermal mug can reach 800 ml (1 liter is already a thermos bottle), but a standard mug with a volume of 250-350 ml is considered standard. Such quantity of a drink suffices for quenching of thirst of one adult person.

3. The temperature retaining time. Due to the quality materials which the mug is made of, the drink can be preserved in a warm or cold state for up to 4 hours.

4. Dimensions. The larger the volume, the correspondingly larger the size of the mug. The dimensions include the weight of the empty thermal mug.

5. Warranty. Some firms give a warranty for factory defect (leakage, rapid cooling of the drink).

6. Additional properties. Some manufacturers have added to their products the ability to heat them from the cigarette lighter in the car or through the USB port. Sometimes you can find an automatic mixer in a mug.

The thermal mug price will depend not only on the "technical" properties, but also on the design. Each buyer can find a thermal mug to his or her taste. This can be the simplest mug, with an inscription or a specific shape. The only important thing is you be pleased to drink from it. As for design, there may be rubberized inserts or the handle for safer handling.

Buy thermal mug

A High-quality thermal mug is a great gift to yourself or a friend. You can buy such a thing for a businessperson, a driver, a tourist, a student. Aviation online store Crew Shop sells thermal mug around Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

You can check the cost of the chosen thermal mug plus the delivery with the store manager. Have a good shopping!

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