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Knee tablets and covers

Brand: ASA Product code: Product 247
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iPad Pro 10.5" Sport Case (Kneeboard/Mountable) iPad Pro 10.5" Sport Case (Kneeboard/Mountable)
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Brand: My Go Flight Product code: Product 702
Features of iPad Pro 10.5" Sport Case (Kneeboard / Mountable) tablet case.The functional case foriPad Pro 10.5" Sport Case will allow the pilot to use the device even during control of the aircraft. Thanks to the special fastening, the tablet can be placed on a static or dynamic platform, which..
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Brand: ASA Product code: Product 249
590.00 грн
Наколенный планшет пилота  / PICCOLO PROFI Наколенный планшет пилота  / PICCOLO PROFI
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Brand: DESIGN 4 PILOTS Product code: Product 507
The PICCOLO PROFI in DIN A-6 format is made from eco-friendly leather and has the same features as the kneeboard Pilot PROFI.For those who are short of space in the cockpit but do not want to miss out on all the features of the PROFI, this is the perfect kneeboard. Despite its size it also includes ..
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Product code: Product 388
Наколенный планшет "Deluxe Lighted Kneeboard" был  принят на вооружение ВВС и ВМС из-за его высокой надежности, качества и легкости. Широкий эластичный ремешок, дно из нескользящего покрытия, и закругленные углы позволяют комфортного использовать этот планшет в любых условиях полета. Люкс модель име..
1,783.00 грн
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