Удобство во время перелета
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Удобство во время перелета

Air pillows

Do you travel often, or maybe your job involve long flights? If so, you would need a day off, because your body is ached for a rest and the neck hurts, right? There is an excellent way out! Air pillow is an easy and practical attribute for comfortable travel and flights. Air pillow for a flight will help to avoid fatigue at work if you spend most of your working hours in a sitting posture, such as pilots or office workers.

Main characteristics of air pillows

If you want only good memories to remain after a long trip, you just need to choose the right air pillow. Air neck pillow will provide:

1. Comfort. Air pillows support the cervical spine, allowing the back muscles to relax. Due to this you have a rest on the road, and even after the trip is ended you will not be tired.

2. Compact and light. In the blowout condition, any pillow does not take up much space, which will allow you to take air pillow for a flight, to train or car.

3. Practicality and safety. By inflating a pillow by ¾ volume, you will provide yourself with comfortable coverage around your neck. If the air pillow is made of high-quality material, so you should not be afraid that its seams will cause you inconvenience during the use. After the trip, you can easily clean the pillow with any detergent if necessary (liquid soap, powder).

Tips before buying air pillow

What you should pay attention to before buying air pillow:

  • Form. There are several options: air neck pillow (has a C-shape), a universal pillow-transformer (has an O-shape), a pillow with lateral support (designed like a seatbelt). The choice depends only on your personal preferences. The size depends directly on the shape. This is the main characteristic, thanks to which you will be able to provide yourself with a full rest on the road.
  • Material. Most often it is polyvinyl chloride, it resistant to temperature and waterproof. As for the cover, everyone chooses according to his or her own preferences.
  • Additional features. Here you can include the color, the cover and the pump in the kit.
  • Manufacturer. It is believed that famous firms are a guarantee of product quality, but how true is this? More often, it only affects the cost of air pillow.
  • Warranty. Like any product, air pillows have a warranty period, which allows an exchange in case of any defects.

In this section of the aviation online store Crew Shop, you can choose the right model a high-quality air pillow at an affordable price. Crew Shop sells and delivers products in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. If you buy such a pillow, you can relax and travel comfortably. In addition to the air pillow, you can purchase a sleeping mask and earplugs. Such a road kit will ensure you a pleasant rest during the trip.

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