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Wrist watch

Wrist watch is not just an image accessory, but a very important device that helps to keep all aspects of our life under control and stimulates to achieve more. It is believed that a person who knows how to control time is more successful than someone who does not follow it. Whether you agree with this belief or not, it is worth thinking about buying watches.

Wrist watches classification

Wrist watches are divided by their technical features:

  • Classic. Strict formal design and a dial. No frills. Perfectly fit into any image.
  • Innovative. Have many additional functions.
  • Sports. Wrist watch with an improved set of functions, designed for use in difficult climatic conditions. Ultra-strong materials and gaskets are used for their manufacture to protect them from moisture and dust.
  • Chronometers. An accessory designed to accurately measure time with maximum accuracy.
  • Chronographs. Watch with a built-in stopwatch that works autonomously from the main clockwork.
  • Designer. Developed for an individual order. It is very difficult to buy a wrist watch on the Internet like this, but still possible.
  • Jewellery watch. Not even a watch, but a luxury item. They are also created for an individual order using precious metals and stones.

Five things everyone needs to know before buying a wrist watch

The choice of wrist accessories should be approached with all responsibility. Every detail is important, because it is a criterion for perfect wrist watches. What you need to pay attention to are:

1. The mechanism. Before making a choice, you need to understand what you really need it for. Modern watches can be classified as follows: electronic, quartz, mechanical. The latter can be with automatic or manual winding. The difference between quartz and mechanical mechanisms is not only in the power source, but also in the cost. Mechanics are much more expensive, as they are assembled by hand.

2. Strap or bracelet. Modern manufacturers offer the consumer several options for bracelets: leather or metal. Leather looks effective and are much more expensive, though less practical. The metal bracelet is fade-resistant and durable, but suitable only for a certain style.

3. Case material. Be sure to pay attention to the case. Cheap models are made of polycarbonate, aluminum or plastic. Expensive models are made of stainless steel, brass or titanium. You can buy wrist watch with plastic, sapphire, mineral or crystal glass.

4. Brands. Prices for wrist watches in Kiev depend on many factors: materials, types of machinery, additional functions and, of course, brands. The online catalog Crew Shop contains the best brands that develop accessories for those who, in one way or another, are connected with the sky. Therefore, the product is doubtless, because each model is designed to work in any, even the most unpredictable conditions both on land and in the air.

5. Style. Before buying a watch, one should decide on the style. Whether it will be a classic or an unbridled innovation is entirely up to you. The main thing is that the accessory fully satisfies your sense of style and is comfortable in any, even the most extreme conditions.

What watches to buy

The choice of an accessory depends on what lifestyle you lead. If you are engaged in sports or just lead an active lifestyle, you can use a mechanical or electronic wristwatch. If you work in difficult conditions, pay attention to anti-shock models with a quartz movement. In business circles and high positions, hours are selected in accordance with the unspoken rules of the circle of communication. Usually this is a certain brand and price bracket.

The aviation online store Crew Shop sells wrist watches with delivery throughout Ukraine. If you have any questions regarding the purchase or the difficulty with the choice, you can give a call to our managers who will gladly help you to solve any problem.

Product code: Product 131
Boeing Logo Watch - BlackЭти часы со стильным дизайном и удобным 18 мм силиконовым ремешком, который легко регулируется, отлично подойдут любому авиатору. 40 мм корпус выполнен из поликарбоната с вращающейся панелью.Черный циферблат с эмблемой Boeing будет прекрасно Вас среди окружающих.Часы водонеп..
704.00 грн
Garmin D2 Bravo Pilot Watch Garmin D2 Bravo Pilot Watch
Available on request
Brand: Garmin Product code: Product 544
Color screen, smaller size and smartphone integrationThe original Garmin D2 created a whole new category of technology, the GPS-enabled pilot watch, and became one of aviation’s must-have accessories. This upgraded edition is even better, combining practical features and a sophisticated design to cr..
Available on request
Product code: Product 126
TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERTЧасы Tissot T-Touch Expert представляют собой идеальное сочетание высокотехнологичной функциональности и легкости в использовании.Это не просто часы, это - высокоточный прибор, оснащенный 15 функциями, которые активируются простым прикосновением к тактильному стеклу.Искатели при..
Часы Breitling Super Avenger II Часы Breitling Super Avenger II
Available on request
Product code: Product 130
Часы Breitling Super Avenger II Механический хронограф с автоподзаводом. Калибр Breitling 13. Запас хода: 42 часа. Частота: 28800 кол./час. 25 камней в механизме. Апертура даты. Завинчивающаяся задняя крышка. Вращающийся в одном направлении безель. Завинчивающаяся заводная головка с двойным уплотнен..
Часы Casio Pro Trek Часы Casio Pro Trek
Available on request
Product code: Product 127
 Casio Pro Trek PRG-130T-7V  Описание: Многофункциональные наручные часы с высокой водозащитой для экстримального образа жизни. Электролюминесцентная подсветка освещает весь циферблат. Подсветка активируется при недостаточном свете и выключается, когда освещения достаточно. Встроенный цифровой компа..
Часы Fenix 3 Sapphire Performer Bundle Часы Fenix 3 Sapphire Performer Bundle
Available on request
Product code: Product 426
Garmin fenix 3 Sapphire Performer Bundle - это прочные, мультифункциональные GPS-часы для занятий спортом и активного отдыха c датчиком сердечного ритма HRM-Run в комплекте. Цветной, хромированный 1.2" дисплей, хорошо видимый при солнечном свете, с высокопрочной сапфировой линзой, металлический брас..
Часы Garmin D2 Bravo Watch - Titanium Edition Часы Garmin D2 Bravo Watch - Titanium Edition
Available on request
Brand: Garmin Product code: Product 547
GPS pilot watch with heart rate monitor and bold styleGarmin’s D2 pilot watches have been must-have aviation accessories since they were first introduced. The latest addition to this family, the D2 Bravo Titanium Edition, breaks new ground for a smartwatch. Its stunning design and impressive new fea..
Часы Seiko Prospex SSC371
Available on request
Product code: Product 574
Seiko Prospex SSC371 Solar Aviation Chronograph WatchIn 1964, Seiko announced itself on the world stage of sports timing technology with a whole new generation of timing and scoring devices that set a new standard. Ever since, the challenge of sports has inspired Seiko to create new technologies to ..
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