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Over time, any screen is covered with dust. To restore its cleanliness you will need a screen cleaner. A dirty screen is not aesthetically pleasing, moreover, dirt is especially dangerous for touch-screens: they start to make a poor signal and can break down. An unclean monitor can cause vision impairment.

Assortment Crew Shop

The aviation online store Crew Shop offers a large selection of special cleaning products for screens. Among them:

  • Universal wipes;
  • Specialized screen wipes;
  • Cleaning sprays;
  • Cleaning kits.

When you buy a screen cleaner, take into account the features of its composition and purpose. Remember that cleaning products exist both for screens, and for office equipment, photos and video cameras and other surfaces (plastic). Cleaning wipes are made of high quality soft materials. They carefully remove fingerprints, stale spots, dust and do not leave any streaks on the screen.

Silicone wipes not just remove dust from the screen, but also can remove it from the smallest cracks and unevennesses. They can also be used to clean glasses, smartphones screens, lenses, eyeglasses and other surfaces. The life cycle of such wipes is not organic. To clean the wipe from dust, it is enough to wash it with water.

Cleaning sprays are designed to clean plastic and metal screen elements. Just spray the screen cleaner and wipe the screen with a soft cloth. You can also buy a spray for regular keyboard cleaning.

A cleaning kit usually consists of a wipes and a spray or gel. Ultra-dense wipes material will easily clean even the most inaccessible places. The cost of the kit depends on the number of wipes and brand.

Screen cleaner: features

Matte screens are less prone to dirt and more resistant to dust. Therefore, several movements with a wipe made of microfiber are sufficient for their cleaning. The fabric gently collects dust particles without leaving markers. For glossy screens, use a special liquid or wet wipes, which are delivered in jars with a sealed lid. Use of abrasive pads or kitchen paper towels is not recommended: they can scratch the surface.

To ensure that the wet wipe will leave no stains, you can additionally wipe the screen with a dry cloth. The screens cleaning liquid, included in the spray, will effectively remove traces from touching the screen, accidental stains. The solution is applied to a soft cloth made of microfiber and gently cleans the surface.

The screen liquid should not be alcohol-containing: this can damage the screen. If liquids do not cause you to trust, then you can buy a special cleaning pencil. This new screen cleaner can be used to clean lenses of optics, binoculars and all other gadgets that require the ideal purity. The cleaning compound easily removes any stains, and the retractable brush removes dust particles.

In the aviation online store Crew Shop (Kiev) you can buy any cleaning products at the best prices. Possible retail sales and wholesale lots. Delivery is possible in any localities of Ukraine.

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