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If you need a comfort during the flight, the seat pillow will become an obligatory companion of your flights. Modern seat pillow are improved cushioning of synthetic materials, a wide range of sizes and shapes. In the catalog of the aviation online store Crew Shop (Kiev) the most high-quality and ergonomic pillows for flights are collected there.

Pillow design

Despite the simplicity, for almost 50 years of its existence seat pillow changed its shape, filler, upholstery and damping properties. This made it a high-quality device, thanks to which:

  • load on the back muscles is reduced;
  • abdominal muscles strengthen;
  • vestibular apparatus is improved.

In the development of pillows, the scientific bureau of seat manufacturers are involved, introducing the experience of pilots in the finished products, the recommendations of orthopedic physicians for ergonomics and the peculiarities of the load on the spine in flight and the opinions of furniture developers about the most convenient forms of pillows. Using a pillow during a long flight reduces such unpleasant sensations as pain in the back and lower limbs, numbness, tingling and soreness.

Seat pillows are purchased by pilots, flight attendants and passengers. You can always buy pillows for a flight at an affordable price in Crew Shop. When folded, the pillow is a small case with convenient handles for carrying.

Seat pillow: features

Pillows are made of high-strength synthetic materials. Only certified products that have undergone thorough factory control are available for sale. Manufacturers also study the opinions and wishes of pilots about the properties of products, and the accumulated information is transformed into new technical solutions.

The price for pillows depends on the material of manufacture, its technological and orthopedic properties. For long flights, it is recommended to buy a pillow that corrects the load on the spine, and its height and fullness should be regulated by pumping air with a hand pump.

Advantages of pillows:

  • strength;
  • ergonomics;
  • convenience;
  • different colors;
  • different levels of strength and density.

Pillows do not require special care. They are easy to wash and clean. You can order and buy a pillow in Crew Shop at any time with the delivery to all cities of Ukraine.

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