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Garment bags

Garment bags are used for storage of clothes at home and their safety during transportation. Garment bags are used by dance groups, sportsmen and ordinary people who go on a business trip for the safety of clothes during the move. The bag helps to keep things in order, protects them from dust or moisture. Aviation online store Crew Shop (Kiev) offers various garment bags at an affordable price.

Material of manufacture

A modern garment bag is a sealed product that will protect your clothes qualitatively. It just necessary for storing outerwear. This eliminates the friction of the products against each other, accidental scratches and the appearance of stains. Packed things will always be neat - they do not damp and leave no dust.

All garment bags are made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials. Such a package not only protects, but also allows the product to "breathe". Your outerwear will not get the smell of the cabinet during the summer storage. The cost of garment bags depends on the quality of the material and the size.

The range of products includes open and closed products from:

  • ● Non-woven fabric;
  • ● Textiles;
  • ● Spunbond;
  • ● Whipcord;
  • ● Polyethylene;
  • ● PVC.

To store winter coats, sheepskin coats or jackets, you can buy a garment bag made of polyethylene or PVC. For a chic evening gown, a special trunk, made of a thinner material, is suitable. Such bag takes up a minimum of space and ensures the safety of the outfit. If there is not enough room in your closet, then get vacuum bags.

Travel bags

Going on a business trip, pack things in bags of synthetic polymers, for example, spunbond. This type of bag is not only waterproof, but also resistant to mechanical stress. For convenience of transportation, the case for clothes can be equipped with handles. The peculiarity of the road bag is the way of packing: first you put the product in a bag, then carefully fold it in half. As a result, you will have something like a bag with handles. It is convenient for you and safe for clothes. Delivery of garment bags is carried out throughout Ukraine.

Garment bags: features

There are bags of various shapes and sizes on sale by sets in several pieces per set. The set usually includes one large bag (up to 2 m long) and a slightly smaller one, for storing jackets. In addition, such medium-sized bags are suitable for packing shirts and jackets. For a gorgeous dress, you can buy an expanding bag. For the storage of fur coats and jackets fit thick, dense rectangular bags.

When purchasing a cover, pay attention to the coloring. Beige, white, blue and other colors of bags are purchased for home storage more often than products of dark shades. Bags of opaque materials do not allow sunlight. In such a package, the product can be stored for a long time, preserving its original appearance.

It is very easy to keep bags clean: they are all easily washed, and when folded they can be kept long enough.

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Эта прочная и стильная сумка из водоотталкивающей ткани предназначена для простой и удобной перевозки личного гардероба.Имеет множество карманов и отделений для обуви и аксессуаров.Сумка оснащена регулируемыми ремнями и молниями для изменения объема и размера карманов.Размеры: 52" L x 22" W x 3" D...
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