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Portable CO Detectors


The catalog of aviation online store Crew Shop (Kiev) presents a wide range of control devices for aircraft systems. These are aerometric systems, devices for monitoring the operation of engines, signaling devices, navigation equipment. Also a large selection of high quality sensors at an affordable price. Crew Shop directly contacts with the manufacturers of devices and it allows you to offer:

  • guaranteed reliability of sensors;
  • high wear resistance and durability;
  • prices at the manufacturer level.

All aviation sensors are certified and meet the requirements for the quality of aircraft instruments. We supply the equipment only of proven brands, whose quality is beyond doubt and at reasonable prices. You can always buy products Ardupilot, FlySky, Futaba, Hobbywing, Radiolink and other brands. Delivery to all settlements of Ukraine is carried out.

Types of aircraft instruments

Aircraft sensors are devices that help a pilot to monitor and control flight performance. In a modern aircraft there are more than 70 types of such devices. Among them, aviation sensors measuring:

  • speed (electronic / aneroid);
  • altitude;
  • air pressure in the passenger compartment (psi / hg);
  • air pressure in the air; all doors, bulkheads;
  • barometric pressure (electronic / aneroid);
  • outside air temperature (C / F);
  • fuel temperature;
  • cabin temperature;
  • cargo temperature;
  • fuel pressure in each engine;
  • fuel consumption;
  • hydraulic pressure (brakes, valves, spoilers, steering wheel, aileron, chassis pumps).

The combination of flight and navigation instruments gives the pilot an idea of ​​the current state of the aircraft and the necessary control actions on it. In the event of malfunctions in the operation of engines or systems, alarm sensors are activated. Aviation sensors also help the pilot in emergencies and in the case of system failures.

There are also available on sale:

  • fire sensors for the cabin, cargo, engines, fuel, brakes, electronics compartment;
  • weight sensors (chassis);
  • generator sensors and others.

If you did not find the desired sensor in the catalog, call us and managers will advise you on the possibility of acquiring the desired sensor or the analog. All presented goods are in stock. Due to this, you can buy sensors at an affordable price and receive your order in just a couple of days.

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Brand: DESIGN 4 PILOTS Product code: Product 519
The PILOT CONTROLLER® is ideal for use in either an aeroplane, boat, car or at home.It can be used with the adhesive tape as usual, or in conjunction with our PILOT CONTROLLER KIT...
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